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Welcome to DragonSage a website soley dedicated to the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy game. My name is DivineDragoon and I will be your host for today.

DragonSage offers a variety of useful tools such as a chat room, free downloadable modules and even house rules. Remeber that all this is free and so take a couple of hours to relax and enjoy what I have kept in the DragonSage Vault for so many years. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at DivineDragoon15@msn.com and I will try to be swift in answering your questions. Oh before you go let me tell you something. There is a white dragon named Sylvia flying around here somewhere, if you find here run like hell...dont say I didn't warn you!


Website Updates

If intrested take a look at two modules I just edited to my website. Check them both out because they are high quality and guess what? They are FREE.

Just finished adding the Netbooks to the House Rules section of our website, there are some missing because I cant seem to get them to function properly.


Role Playing Games
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